August, 25, 2022

Autonomous Navigation Mobile Robot Using ROS Without Using a Pre-saved Map

In the previous lesson, we started with autonomous navigation using a pre-saved map, wrote our own code, and created the auto_nav package for our final project. In a nutshell, we

  • navigated autonomously using a pre-saved map
  • were introduced to autonomous navigation concepts
  • ran Localization, move_base, and other navigation nodes
autonomous navigation ROS
Autonomous navigation of Turtlebot in ROS

In this last lesson of the series of lessons on ROS tutorials, we will

  • navigate autonomously without using a pre-saved map (actual SLAM)
  • create the auto_nav package (part 2)
Autonomous Navigation Mobile Robot without a pre-saved map
Autonomous navigation of Turtlebot without a pre-saved map (actual SLAM)

Let’s also have a summary of the whole course:

  • We were introduced to ROS and its basic utilities
  • We were introduced to Python and how to utilize basic functionalities
  • We opened Gazebo and understood how it works
  • We started working on several projects for purely kinematic and fully kinetic simulations
  • We created our own navigation package