November, 24, 2022

Guns (Utilities) Needed for Following Machine Learning Tutorials

You need guns (software & hardware), lots of guns, to smoothly follow the machine learning tutorials.

matrix-guns lots of guns-machine learning tutorials
From the movie “Matrix”

In this lesson, you will get a brief introduction to virtual environments, what they are and why we need them.

virtual environments-machine learning tutorials
We need virtual environments for our machine learning tutorials

Following that, you’ll learn about IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) and then get a brief overview of Ubuntu. The next step is the installation of Anaconda and the creation of virtual environments. Finally, you will install Tensorflow, which you will need later on in the machine learning tutorials.

ide-integrated development environment-machine learning tutorials
IDE or Integrated Development Environment

Necessary Links and Downloads for Machine Learning Tutorials:

Download the Conda cheatsheet that the instructor used during the course HERE!

Watch the video version of the 2nd lesson: