March, 27, 2022

VR Robotics Simulator: Introduction to the Course

Mecharithm is excited to announce that following a large number of inquiries about developing AR and VR courses, it has created a series of lessons in which learners will be able to get hands-on experience in developing a robotics simulator in virtual reality from scratch.

VR Robotics Simulator_introduction to the Course_image-1
A screenshot of the new course on developing a VR Robotics Simulator in Unity.

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The major theme of this course is to build a quadcopter and an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) simulator that can perform different functions, such as flying for the quadcopter, moving, picking up, and placing objects for both the UGV and the quadcopter.

VR Robotics Simulator_intro to the Course_quadcopter
VR Robotics Simulator: Building a quadcopter
VR Robotics Simulator_intro to the Course_UGV
VR Robotics Simulator: Building a UGV

As part of our VR experience, we will assemble the UGV robot using our hands. 

VR Robotics Simulator_intro to the Course_assemble_ugv_by_hands
The user can assemble the UGV robot in the VR Robotics Simulator.

Additionally, we will be exploring our robots in multiplayer mode and figuring out how we can share their positions and orientations, as well as learning about voice chat between users in the VR multiplayer scene.

VR Robotics Simulator_intro to the Course_multiplayer-mode
Robots in multiplayer mode in the VR Robotics Simulator.

As part of this lesson, we will study User Interface (UI) design in VR and how to create a main menu for our simulator using UI elements.

VR Robotics Simulator_intro to the Course_ui-design
UI design in VR Robotics Simulator.

The topics of this course are designed on the basic requirements for building a VR robotics simulator so that users can develop their desired simulator in Unity engine even without prior knowledge of the Unity programming.

The contents of the entire course on developing a VR Robotics Simulator are as follows:

  • Introduction to the Course (1/15)
  • Install VR SDK (2/15)
  • Simple VR Scene (3/15)
  • Grab Objects with a Joystick (4/15)
  • Grab Objects with Hand (5/15)
  • UI in VR (6/15)
  • Assemble a Robot in VR (7/15)
  • Create a UGV Robot (8/15)
  • Create a Quadcopter (9/15)
  • Selection Menu for Robots (10/15)
  • Optimizing the Scene (11/15)
  • Install the Multiplayer SDK (12/15)
  • Multiplayer Mode for Robots (13/15)
  • Share Actions in the Network (14/15)
  • Professor_Student Accesses (15/15)

[Important] VR Robotics Simulator’s Source Code:

  • The source code for the entire tutorials (from 1 to 15) can be downloaded HERE!

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