July, 01, 2022

VR Robotics Simulator: Multiplayer in Unity Using Photon

In the previous lesson, we learned how to optimize our scene to have better performance in VR, such as graphic optimization, lighting, mesh, and collider optimization, script optimization, and some settings for the exportation of our APK.

Scene Optimization for Oculus VR Headset-pic-1
Scene Optimization in VR

In this lesson, we will learn how to install the Photon network SDK in our project and prepare the project for multiplayer implementation in Unity using Photon.

Multiplayer in Unity using Photon
Multiplayer in Unity Using Photon

The contents of the entire course on developing a VR Robotics Simulator are as follows:

  • Introduction to the Course (1/15)
  • Install VR SDK (2/15)
  • Simple VR Scene (3/15)
  • Grab Objects with a Joystick (4/15)
  • Grab Objects with Hand (5/15)
  • UI in VR (6/15)
  • Assemble a Robot in VR (7/15)
  • Create a UGV Robot (8/15)
  • Create a Quadcopter (9/15)
  • Selection Menu for Robots (10/15)
  • Optimizing the Scene (11/15)
  • Install the Multiplayer SDK (12/15)
  • Multiplayer Mode for Robots (13/15)
  • Share Actions in the Network (14/15)
  • Professor_Student Accesses (15/15)

[Important] VR Robotics Simulator’s Source Code:

The source code for the entire tutorials (from 1 to 15) can be downloaded HERE!

Watch the video version of the lesson: