December, 07, 2021

A Humanoid Service Robot (Moxi) to Help Medical Staff

Diligent Robotics developed a humanoid robot, Moxi, to help the clinical staff speed up routine tasks. For example, Cedars-Sinai has deployed two of these robots in their medical center.

Image credit: Cedars Sinai and Diligent Robotics

Key features of the robot:

  • the end-effector at the end of the robotic arm is designed for easy manipulation of doors and elevators
  • Featuring Artificial Intelligence (AI) that helps the #robot to learn tasks in a new hospital quickly
  • in terms of human-robot interaction, it has a welcoming and friendly face that is readily accepted by doctors and nurses
  • embedded computing and cloud-based software
  • human-guided learning: the more people use the robot, the smarter the robot becomes

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