December, 14, 2021

An Efficient Leg Design for Energy-efficient Locomotion for Hexapods

Manoonpong and colleagues at SDU Biorobotics have proposed an efficient leg design for energy-efficient locomotion for hexapods. 
The foot design uses the Fin Ray structure using the effect of different crossbeam angles inside its frame.

Image credit: SDU Biorobotics

Key features:

  • the locomotion is way better than the #hexapods with hemispherical rubber feet
  • the robot walks with a wave gait
  • the robot can successfully walk on different challenging terrains
  • 3D printing with soft material, finite element modeling, and neural control are used to produce an integrative solution

This research has potential applications in Biorobotics to study and develop bio-inspired robots resembling the locomotion of living creatures.

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