November, 24, 2021

Guardian® S from Sarcos Robotics for Inspection and Surveillance

Guardian® S is another awesome robot from Sarcos Technology and Robotics Corporation, designed for inspection and surveillance purposes.

Image credit: Sarcos Technology and Robotics Corporation

This robot can reliably go through uneven terrain and reach places dangerous for humans to get and can perform visual and sensor-based inspections remotely.  
From Boiler inspection to Mud Drum inspection and literally, any dangerous place that humans cannot go can be inspected using this robot.

Key features:

  • portable: only weighs 17 lbs
  • two-way, real-time video, voice, and data communication
  • IoT sensor platform
  • up to 3 miles of battery capacity
  • dustproof and water protected
  • Important sensors include:
    • GPS
    • Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)
    • Six 4K 360-degree color cameras

More information: