January, 12, 2022

Human-robot Interaction at the Next Level with the Humanoid Robot, Ameca

Ameca is a humanoid robot from Engineered Arts designed specifically as a platform for future advanced robotics technologies and can serve as a testbed for different Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) systems.

Image credit: Engineered Arts

In the video below, they test Ameca’s interaction with a human, and it is shown that the robot reacts when its “personal space” is violated.

Key features:

  • the human-like artificial body (AB) accompanies the human-like AI
  • eye cameras take images, and the images are processed through tensor flow
  • modular design for future upgrades
  • Software is the Tritium robot operating system
  • Hardware is based on Mesmar technology

To learn more about Mesmar technology, go to the links below:

More information: