January, 04, 2022

Nimble Logistics Robots for Automating Picking, Packing, and Handling

Nimble® from Nimble Robotics are intelligent fulfillment and logistics robots that can automate picking, packing, and handling through artificial intelligence (AI), employed by well-known brands like Best Buy, Puma, and Victoria’s Secret, among others.

Image credit: Nimble Robotics
Image credit: Nimble Robotics

Key points:

  • different kinds of grippers are used for different objects
  • the AI learns the suitability of each gripper for a specific object and automatically switches the gripper for proper picking and packing
  • fast and easy integration based on customer feedback
  • using more robots means more data collection, and more data means higher capability and reliability
  • Nimble Robotics raised $50 million investment in March

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