November, 26, 2021

Robotic Simulator: Installing the Unity Engine and Making a New Project (2/27)

In the previous lesson, we saw an overview of the Developing a Robotic Simulator in Unity Engine course and became familiar with the content of the entire course.

In this lesson, we will learn how to download the latest version of the Unity engine with the required modules. After installing the Unity engine, creating the project, and setting up its settings, we will start building the robot simulator from the next lesson that will be published on Tuesday at 12 pm CST.

Important: Robotic Simulator’s Source Code and Sample Output:

The source code for the entire tutorials (from 1 to 27) can be downloaded HERE! And a test output for Windows can be downloaded HERE! You can easily get output for macOS by installing and running the source code on macOS.

Video version of this lesson: