December, 01, 2022

Python for Machine Learning in 40 Minutes

Up to this point, we got a clear understanding of the importance of Machine Learning in Robotics. Additionally, we learned how to use Ubuntu, install software utilities, and set up virtual environments.

Here we will have a crash course on Python for our Machine Learning tutorials so that a lack of Python knowledge will not hinder you. The purpose of this lesson is to teach you how to use Spyder IDE for writing Python code. You will be introduced to variables, strings, lists, loops, if statements, and Numpy, which is very important for matrix and vector operations that are essential for Machine Learning.

python for machine learning
Python is a simple programming langue that is widely used in Machine Learning, and we will use this programming language for our machine learning in robotics tutorials.

You may also want to read the lesson about the software and utilities that you need to install to follow the machine learning tutorials.