June, 03, 2022

VR Robotics Simulator: Robot Picking Up a Box in VR

In the previous lesson, we learned how to create a scenario to assemble a robot in VR using our hands. We learned how to assemble a UGV robot in virtual reality and determined the correct position of the pieces.

assemble a robot in VR-pic-1
Assembling a robot in VR.

For this lesson, we will create a UGV that can move, grab and release objects in VR. In fact, you will learn how to make a robot pick up a box or release a box in virtual reality (VR).

vr robotics simulator-robot picking up box
robot picking up a box in VR

The contents of the entire course on developing a VR Robotics Simulator are as follows:

  • Introduction to the Course (1/15)
  • Install VR SDK (2/15)
  • Simple VR Scene (3/15)
  • Grab Objects with a Joystick (4/15)
  • Grab Objects with Hand (5/15)
  • UI in VR (6/15)
  • Assemble a Robot in VR (7/15)
  • Create a UGV Robot (8/15)
  • Create a Quadcopter (9/15)
  • Selection Menu for Robots (10/15)
  • Optimizing the Scene (11/15)
  • Install the Multiplayer SDK (12/15)
  • Multiplayer Mode for Robots (13/15)
  • Share Actions in the Network (14/15)
  • Professor_Student Accesses (15/15)

[Important] VR Robotics Simulator’s Source Code:

The source code for the entire tutorials (from 1 to 15) can be downloaded HERE!

Watch the video version of the lesson: