February, 03, 2022

Astrobee Free-flying Space Robots

As NASA’s free-flying robotic system and research platform, Astrobee has three cubed-shaped robots, software, and a docking station for recharging that helps astronauts with routine tasks like inventory, recording experiments, and moving cargo around the station.

Image Credit: NASA

In the video, the astronaut is inside Kibo and sets up these robots for an experiment. As Japan’s contribution to the international space station, the Kibo Laboratory Module is used for scientific research.

Key points:

  • The robots are propelled by electric fans to allow them to fly freely through the microgravity environment of the space station.
  • Cameras and sensors provide vision and perception.
  • The robots carry an arm for grasping and holding objects 
    Can be controlled remotely or autonomously.

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