December, 30, 2021

Motion Test for the Mesmer Robot Head Ardan

Mesmer Robots is a series of realistic humanoid robots developed by Engineered Arts, the UK’s leading designer and manufacturer of humanoid entertainment robots, that are powerful, elegant, and cost-effective.

Image credit: Engineered Arts

The short video below shows a motion test for the Mesmer Robot Head, Adran. The head and the neck feature 22 servo actuators specially designed for their motion. Of these 22 actuators, five are around the mouth, which is not enough for speaking.

Key points:

  • Software is EA’s Tritium framework running on x86 Intel® NUC, which allows intuitive programming and remote control of Mesmer.
  • USB interface
  • Eye cameras and microphone array make autonomous human interaction possible

About Mesmar Robots:

  • designed to show a vast range of human emotions
  • designed and built from 3D scans of real people
  • modular design

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