March, 01, 2022

This Quadruped Dog Robot Can Carry a Large Load

The Jueying X20 is a quadruped robot developed by Deep Robotics, and Mecharithm previously covered the news about it HERE. We learned that this quadruped was designed based on real-world feedback from users and the applications they required.

Image credit: Deep Robotics

It was previously reported that the robot could withstand a load of 75 kg (165 lbs), but new tests have shown that the robot can carry loads exceeding 85 kg (187 lbs).

Image credit: Deep Robotics

With powerful motion control, this robot dog can adapt itself to different terrain, climb steps, and handle slopes.

Image credit: Deep Robotics
Image credit: Deep Robotics
Image credit: Deep Robotics

By utilizing a laser radar and a depth-sensing camera, the robot is able to navigate autonomously and avoid obstacles.

Image credit: Deep Robotics

There is potential for this robot to be used under difficult working conditions to carry loads and help the workers.

Image credit: Deep Robotics

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