August, 30, 2022

Vector Home Robot

Vector from Digital Dream Labs (DDL) is a home robot that can tell you the weather, time your dinner, take photos, react to your touch, or even carry you to bed. Actually, not really. The last part was a joke.

Vector home robot

Through different embedded sensors, Vector explores and interacts with its environment, recognizes objects, and avoids obstacles. Thanks to the Vision Intelligence 200 Platform’s powerful image processing and machine learning, the Vector can navigate autonomously and detect objects and sounds.
There are also touch sensors, four microphones arranged in an array to detect sounds and recognize natural speech, an HD camera to recognize people and objects, drop sensors to prevent falling, an infrared laser scanner to track distance and map the environment, and a 6-axis inertial measurement unit IMU that measures linear acceleration and angular rotation to help Vector detect when it is picked up, moved, or tilted.
In case you were wondering, he has a place where he charges and rests called the Vector Space, no pun intended.

Vector Space, Vector home robot’s resting and charging place

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