December, 21, 2021

YOLO, a Social Robot to Foster Children’s Creativity

YOLO, Your Own Living Object, is a Social Robot co-designed by children with the purpose of increasing their creativity through effective human-robot interaction.

Image credit: Patrícia Alves-Oliveira

This robot can act as a character during the storytelling procedure fostering creative storylines that cannot arise otherwise.

Key features:

  • features a child-proof design
  • can sense the kid’s touch and allows the kid to take complete control
  • uses two techniques to stimulate creativity:
    • contrast technique stimulates divergent thinking: YOLO gives opposite ideas
    • mirror technique stimulates convergent thinking: YOLO elaborates on the same idea
  • primary sensors used:
    • touch sensors
    • motion detection sensors
  • supervised machine learning with the convex hull is used to determine the play patterns and make decision about which creativity technique to use
Image credit: Patrícia Alves-Oliveira

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